Sanctuaries: Not an Easy Fix

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Cat sanctuaries are not the answer for the millions of outdoor cats who live outside. In fact, animal sanctuaries are not a viable option for most cats including socialized cats who have lived with people inside.

Cat sanctuaries face many challenges, including significant financial obstacles. These sanctuaries are extremely expensive to build and maintain, and most of them just aren’t sustainable. Once a facility has opened, they fill up fast because they can really only provide long term care for a small group of cats. Even then, the confinement and the large number of cats in small rooms or areas causes the cats a lot of stress and can expose them to disease.

The money spent housing a few hundred cats in a confined space could be used to fund Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and low-cost spay/neuter programs. Redirecting resources in that way would actually work to benefit the entire cat population.

Sanctuaries are forced to close their doors every year due to insufficient funds or an inability to properly care for the cats in the existing confined space.

For a detailed explanation of why sanctuaries are not the answer for cats, especially community cats, check out our case study of a feral cat sanctuary.

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