How to Determine a Kitten’s Age

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When you find little fuzzy kittens outside, the first step to caring for them is to determine the kittens’ age. Kittens grow day by day and give tell-tale signs as to how old they are, and we have tons of resources to help you figure this out, including our “How Old is that Kitten” kitten progression guide.

We want to note that healthy kittens that are 4 months or older can stay in their outdoor home, and we don’t recommend trying to socialize kittens older than this. Instead, they should be neutered, vaccinated, and returned to their outdoor home with their cat friends. For a quick reference, look for these signs to determine kittens’ age.

Under 1 week (3 to 8 ounces): Kittens’ eyes are shut, their ears are folded down, and they can’t yet walk. They can, however, purr and make tiny (adorable) noises. The umbilical cord might still be visible.

1-2 weeks (8 to 11 ounces): Their little blue eyes start to open and focus. Their ears begin to unfold and they start to crawl, snuggle, and knead.

3 weeks (7.5 to 14.5 ounces): Kittens’ eyes and ears are fully open, and they are standing up. They’ll respond to noises and movement. They start to take their first wobbly steps and baby teeth start coming in!

4-5 weeks (8 to 16.75 ounces): Now they start to act like kittensrunning, playing, digging, and pouncing! They will start to wean from mom or the bottle and are able to lap up formula, eat soft food, and even use the litter box. They’ve grown out of their baby blue eyes and now have the adult color.

8 weeks (2 pounds): Kittens look like miniature cats!

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