Did you mean safe cat deterrent ?

Relocation: A Last Resort

The relocation of community cats, sometimes called feral cats, is a last resort. Relocating community cats should only be considered if a cat is in imminent danger.

What to Do if Neighbors Complain

Not everyone appreciates the company of cats, and some behaviorslike marking and scratchingcan annoy even the most devoted cat lover. When neighbors complain about community cats, it's important you address them: these low-key complaints can escalate into something bigger and that's bad for the cats.

Negotiating Tips

Negotiating is what happens when you discuss opposing viewpoints and come to a mutually agreed upon resolution. When it comes to negotiating for community cats, the end result can save or endanger cats' lives. Negotiating can be tricky, but our negotiating tips will help.

How to Handle a Citation or Fine

Being threatened with or receiving a citation can be a very difficult and scary situation. Alley Cat Allies cannot provide legal advice, but we do have some resources that should help.

Organize your Community for Neighborhood TNR

Getting your community involved in a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) effort is a great pro-active step in protecting and improving the lives of cats. This article will tell you how to get started.

Cat Behavior: Scratching

Scratching is a natural and beneficial behavior for cats. Help cats fulfill their natural need to scratch and coexist with people by redirecting their behavior appropriately.

Evaluating a Cat Sanctuary: A Hands-On Guide

Relocating community cats should only be a last resort. If a cat sanctuary is your only option, then it's important to evaluate the suitability of the sanctuary.

Humane Deterrents

Discover easy things that you can do to repel or deter community cats, also called feral or stray cats. Live in harmony with cats by using these natural deterrents.

Providing Outdoor Litter Boxes

Keep cats from using gardens, yards or other undesirable areas to eliminate in by providing an outdoor litterbox. It's easy to set-up, easy to maintain and a great way to help neighbors and cats coexist.