Cats who are declawed can suffer from lifelong pain and even life-threatening complications. We can’t restore a declawed paw—the damage cannot be undone. But surgery and the right pain management can alleviate cats’ suffering and help them truly live again. Alley Cat Allies is working with The Paw Project to provide that critical care.


Fourteen-year-old Burrito looks like a million bucks today, but it was not long ago that he was in severe pain from being declawed on all four paws. That pain caused him to act “aggressively,” so he lost his home and was on the way to almost certain death in a shelter. But thanks to Alley Cat Allies’ grant to The Paw Project, Burrito received the right pain management and surgery to salvage his paws as much as possible.

Burrito’s “aggression” stopped almost immediately after being placed on pain medication and surgery to remove a large mass and bone shards left from his declaw. Now he’s a brand-new cat and is living his best life in his new home in Brooklyn, New York. Over a decade after his declawing, he’s finally comfortable.


Sammy has come so far from when he was first found abandoned in an apartment complex, hunched over, sick, alone, terrified of people—and in horrific paw and back pain from being declawed on all four feet.

Thanks to Alley Cat Allies’ declaw salvage grant to The Paw Project—powered by our incredible supporters—Sammy received the surgery he needed to remove multiple painful bone fragments and treat abscesses in all 18 toes. Sammy immediately felt better after surgery and showed his true, sweet colors. No longer facing chronic pain and sickness, he blossomed into a bold and friendly sweetheart of a cat and was quickly adopted into a loving home with a new feline friend!

We have helped many more cats like Burrito and Sammy with declaw “repair.” But the only way to truly protect cats from declawing is to end the practice, once and for all.

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