Alley Cat Allies deeply thanks our supporters, and especially all of the local grassroots advocates, who successfully pressured the City Council in Casper, Wyoming, to drop a proposed feeding ban for cats outdoors.

By empowering these Casper residents to speak out, advocate, and spread the word about the unacceptable ban, we drove a big shift in the local animal ordinance that will save countless cats’ lives.

With the revised ordinance that passed earlier this month, Casper residents are allowed to feed community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the only humane and effective approach to outdoor cat populations, is permitted. Had the feeding ban passed, the impact on cats and the community would have been difficult and many cats would have suffered. TNR would have been rendered effectively impossible.

“We thank the Casper residents and everyone who spoke out for the cats, demonstrating overwhelming opposition to the feeding ban,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “If not for their incredible efforts, the situation for cats in Casper would have been dire.”

After the proposed feeding ban was first introduced, Casper locals worked hard to oppose itgoing door-to-door, hanging flyers, posting yard signs and taking every opportunity to educate the community.

These same grassroots advocates have been caring for community cats for years with their own resources, including providing sterilization and vaccination as well as feeding.

When Alley Cat Allies was contacted for assistance to stop the feeding ban from passing, we moved fast to provide support and the expertise we’ve developed from helping so many other communities embrace humane, lifesaving policies. The Casper community made it clear that they valued cats’ lives, and we stood with them.

We provided guidance, helped plan demonstrations in front of Casper City Hall, and mobilized our supporters in Casper to speak out against the feeding ban.

“When I first learned about the feeding ban, I felt absolutely sick. I lost sleep. I was terrified for my colonies,” said one key advocate, who dove into advocacy for the first time to fight the feeding ban. She went out on some of the hottest days of the summer to bring attention to this life-threatening issue for cats. “With Alley Cat Allies’ help, we were able to reach so many people who cared and bring them out to City Council to raise our voices. That made the difference.”

Now that the feeding ban has been rejected, Alley Cat Allies is helping Casper navigate a new and more humane course. The Casper community is overwhelmingly interested in more TNR. So, our first goal is to educate people about how to implement effective TNR. Our blueprints have a proven track record and will help build these model programs.

“Community cat caregivers in Casper and everywhere volunteer their time and money to help cats and stabilize cat populations through humane management methods like TNR,” said Becky Robinson. “Alley Cat Allies is and has always been committed to supporting these good Samaritans.”