With help from a grant from Alley Cat Allies, Southern Souls Animal League is helping cats in tornado-affected areas.

Alley Cat Allies is working with organizations in the hardest hit areas after several tornadoes, including a “monster tornado” struck eastern Alabama on March 3. The EF-4 category “monster tornado” was the deadliest since 2013, with estimated wind speeds of 170 mph, killing at least 23 people. It was a mile wide and traveled a path of 68.73 miles.

“In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, the focus is on saving lives, identifying animals and reuniting them to their homes,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies.

Alley Cat Allies is providing emergency medical funds, transportation costs, and food and supplies to groups directly impacted including Lee County Humane Society and Southern Souls Animal League. These emergency grants will save cats like Freddie, who was pulled from the rubble in Beauregard, Alabama, an area devastated by the tornadoes. After receiving veterinary care, Freddie was transferred to Lee County Humane Society in Auburn, which will work to reunite him with his family.

“We’re grateful for the support of Alley Cat Allies as we’re transporting cats out of harms’ way,” says Southern Souls Animal League

Southern Souls Animal League transports cats after tornadoes struck Alabama.

Director Anna Shepard. “Our shelter suffered major damage, and we need all the help we can get as we recover from the aftermath of this disaster and continue our critical work to protect animals. Alley Cat Allies has been a lifesaver in this time of so much need.”

Lee County Humane Society is using Alley Cat Allies’ grant to provide food and lifesaving supplies to colony caregivers and pet owners who lost everything. The group is also working to reunite cats like Freddie with their families.

During disasters, many people flee to emergency shelters. But because some do not allow pets, families were forced to make difficult decisions, which puts thousands of cats in immediate and grave danger.

Alley Cat Allies also gave a grant to Southern Souls Animal League in Eufaula to help fund its transportation costs as volunteers move animals out of the affected areas and to safety.

Alley Cat Allies will continue to work with local groups to rescue and care for cats as Alabama recovers from this disaster.

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