With heavy hearts, we share news that our beloved Office Cat Fergie has passed away.

Fergie was born in an alleyway in Washington, D.C., and lived with a large colony of cats. One of Alley Cat Allies’ employees was active in helping cats all over DC. So, she set a humane box trap for several kittens including Fergie and her siblings.

Fergie came to our office when she was a 10-week-old kitten, and for 13 years she was at home in our office. She was our tiniest office cat, but Fergie’s adorable little squeak-meow always made her presence known. One of her little quirks was that she loved to be pet while she atedemanding admiration like the royalty she most certainly was. She was also known to gently nip at people when she needed attention. Fergie was the dominant cat in the office, and when she wasn’t bossing the other cats around, she was playing with her turbo scratcher toy or napping in her flying saucer bed.

When Fergie first developed kidney disease, she handled everything like a champion. But as she started to lose her signature attitude, we knew it was time to make a decision. Euthanasia, making the choice to end an animal’s suffering, is extremely difficult, even when you know in your heart it’s the right decision for the animal you love. We did not want Fergie to go.

Fergie is survived by her siblings, Diana and Charles. We’ll always remember Fergie’s sweet face and her little meow. Her memory will be with us forever.