diana-1With heavy hearts we announce the passing of our dear Office Cat Diana.

In May of 2002 a litter of kittens was born in southeast Washington, DC. When these kittens were just 10 weeks old, they were found and adopted by Alley Cat Allies to join the ranks of our office cats.

Diana was a shy little girl who loved to play with a laser pointer and chase paperclips. The ladylike “Etiquette Officer” of the team, Diana often posed with her dainty paws crossed. Although she hid from people she didn’t know, she was affectionate with the other office cats and with people whom she had come to trust. She was very clever, and managed to find impossible hiding places and even figured out how to test print pages from the printer.

Unfortunately, cancer sapped her strength and energy. Diana graced us with her companionship for fourteen years. She passed from life the evening of December 2nd. She has left a huge hole in our hearts, and will be greatly missed.

Diana is survived by her brother, Charles, and feline friend, Oliver. She will be fondly remembered by all of us for her sweet and gentle nature.