EUGENE, Ore. Sept. 29, 2020 Alley Cat Allies is delivering lifesaving emergency support for rescue, veterinary care, food and emergency supplies for cats and other animals in harm’s way from wildfires burning in the West.


Speckles got the help she needed thanks to emergency funding from Alley Cat Allies.

“Speed is essential. By acting even while the wildfires are still burning, we can save many cats and other animals who have become injured in the devastation,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies.

One of the larger fires , the Holiday Farm Fire east of Eugene, Oregon, scorched more than 170,000 acres and over 400 structures, completely destroying the town of Blue River. To help save animals in this area, Alley Cat Allies has provided emergency funding to Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene.

“Every day brings new, urgent requests for assistance, and with Alley Cat Allies in our corner, we are helping many more people and animals as they attempt to recover from these devastating fires,” said Cary Lieberman, executive director, Greenhill Humane Society.

Robinson explained that recovery efforts will need to continue for many months after the flames are extinguished.

“The scenes are heartbreaking. Unfortunately, after such disasters, our experience has shown that only a small percentage of cats are able to return to their homes, whether they live outdoors or inside with people. So our focus is to continue helping as many cats as possible to be safe and healthy for the long haul.”

Alley Cat Allies has also delivered cat food to the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon, which is serving as an evacuation center for people and their animals.

In addition to supplies and funding, Alley Cat Allies is providing guidance and expertise on how to save animals during natural disasters and their aftermaths. The Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center® in California played a major role in saving the lives of cats impacted by the historic Camp Fire in 2018.

(Note to editors: Pictures of cats rescued from the fires, and food delivered by Alley Cat Allies, are available upon request.)

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