As part of a plan to improve Montgomery County, Maryland’s ability to address the needs of its community cats, we’re partnering with Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC) and Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being (MCPAW) to develop informative workshops and humane programs to save cats’ lives. Shelters across the country are implementing lifesaving programs like Trap-Neuter-Return to protect and stabilize community cat populations. In supporting local TNR efforts, MCASAC joins the hundreds of shelters dedicated to effectively and humanely addressing their communities’ needs.

Montgomery County Residents are encouraged to participate in a new series of workshops, held the second Thursday of every month, starting Nov. 13. The workshops will empower residents to become volunteers, advise how they can help cats in their own back yard, and provide an opportunity for residents with questions to get the information they need. The partnership will also provide residents with information on spay and neuter resources for cats in the region.

The Alley Cat Allies and MCASAC partnership will enable Montgomery County to effectively address community cat populations, allow the county to focus resources on lifesaving programs for adoptable cats, and improve the community for cats and residents.

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