As tornadoes and heavy flooding wreaked havoc in Midwestern and Southern states at the end of May, Alley Cat Allies sprang into action to save cats and kittens in the most affected areas.

We issued an emergency grant to Stillwater, Oklahoma organization Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue, a member of our Feral Friends Network® and the only facility in the state that takes in kittens under four weeks old, also called neonatal kittens.

Alley Cat Allies’ grant is providing expertise and funding the lifesaving supplies and veterinary care these kittens need to survive.

“Neonatal kittens are so vulnerable when separated from their mothers. To make up for that loss, kitten caregivers must provide them with specialized care around the clock,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “It’s kitten season, so there is already a greater need for these services. Disaster conditions increase that need exponentially. Alley Cat Allies is providing that critical, lifesaving support for kittens of all ages.”

Tiny Paws currently has more than 80 neonatal kittens in its care and will use Alley Cat Allies’ supplies to bottle feed, treat, and shelter them. The rescue is also caring for 20 older kittens, which adds up to a total that’s nearly double its usual capacity. Many more kittens are still out in dangerous conditions and in need of rescue.

Alley Cat Allies’ help comes at the most important time. Tiny Paws says many kittens were separated from their mothers by the flood waters. Alley Cat Allies’ grant will help prepare the rescue to care for these kittens in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Our support has already whisked many kittens out of deadly situations. These are just some of their stories:

Bush Dwellers

A rescuer found a small litter of three swept up against the side of a shrub, tangled in twigs and leaves. The tiny kittens, who had already lost their fourth sibling, were covered in slime and mud and needed help right away to survive. With Alley Cat Allies’ funding, Tiny Paws took in the little family, cleaned them up, and provided the lifesaving care they needed. Now, the kittens are safe and being pampered with soft bedding and a heating pad.

Shelter Survivors

A family of four shivering neonatal kittens were saved from the flooding by a good Samaritan and brought to a community shelter for temporary housing. Unfortunately, that shelter also began to flood as the disaster raged on and could no longer care for the kittens. Shelter staff asked for help, and Tiny Paws answered the call. With Alley Cat Allies’ grant, the rescue rushed the kittens to the veterinarian for emergency care including oxygen and special nutritious food. They are now recovering in a safe, healthy environment.

Barn Babies

The owner of a flooding barn found four brown tabby siblings curled one on top of the other in a corner of the building, soaking wet and freezing as rainwater rose around them. The kittens were brought to an animal shelter, but the shelter was already at maximum capacity due to the influx of displaced animals. The kittens were scheduled to be killed at the end of the day when Tiny Paws stepped in to save them. Now, they are safe and dry and receiving the treatment they need thanks to Alley Cat Allies.