ATLANTIC COUNTY, Nj: Alley Cat Allies will provide lifesaving care to 1000 cats and kittens over the next months in the newest phase of its collaboration with the Humane Society of Atlantic County (HSAC). The initiative, which will include spay and neuter, other medical care as needed such as Convenia® injections, and food, is the latest step in the organizations’ work that has reached more than 3000 cats in less than two years.

Gladys, a cat who received spay and neuter and other care through Alley Cat Allies’ work in Atlantic County. She has since been adopted.

“Alley Cat Allies has been working in Atlantic County to save cats’ lives for decades, and this latest initiative is a model of holistic, multi-pronged support for cats, kittens, and their caregivers,” said Coryn Julien, program communications officer for Alley Cat Allies. “In addition to widening much-needed access to care for indoor and community cats, we are operating a cat food bank for the community that provides for more than 450 cats every day.”

Alley Cat Allies will fund spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and other treatments for cats and kittens who are brought to the Humane Society of Atlantic County by local advocates. Convenia injections, which treat common feline wounds and infections that could otherwise be fatal, will now be offered to the community as well. The initiative will also provide any other needed surgery or extensive care, which has included major surgeries, treatment for fleas and upper respiratory infections, and more in past cases.

The organizations’ work has a special focus on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for community cats, or unowned cats who live outdoors. TNR is the process through which cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, eartipped for identification, and returned to their outdoor homes.

“Our ongoing work with Alley Cat Allies has already made a tremendous impact in just a couple of years,” said Steve Dash, executive director of HSAC. “The addition of Convenia support this summer takes our ability to save cats’ lives to the next level as it provides ongoing protection without the need for multiple treatments.”

Additionally, Alley Cat Allies will provide further support for the successful new cat food bank with HSAC. The food bank is targeted mainly to community cat caregivers in the area but is also available to residents who need assistance with food for their indoor cats.


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