A new review in the journal Zoonoses and Public Health that calls for eradicating feral cats is biased and grossly exaggerates the potential rabies threat from cats.

The study’s seven authors include George Fenwick, president of the American Bird Conservancy, an organization that has launched repeated attacks on cats.

Data presented in the study do not support the call for killing cats and contradict research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: according to the federal agency, there has been no confirmed cat-to-human rabies transmission in nearly 40 years.

The study also deliberately discounts the effectiveness of Trap-Neuter -Return programs. Rabies vaccines are considered a standard and immensely valuable element of TNR programs. Unlike decades of failed catch-and-kill practices, Trap-Neuter-Return is effective in stabilizing feral cat colonies, improving cats’ lives, and answering the needs of the community.

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