LAHAINA, Hawaii – Aug. 16, 2023 – Alley Cat Allies, the global leader in the protection of cats and kittens, is working on the ground in Lahaina to provide emergency assistance to cats in response to the wildfires in Maui. An Alley Cat Allies response team is ensuring the delivery of vital supplies, building shelters and feeding cats and kittens in some of the most devastated areas.

“Cats are incredible survivors, and more will emerge in the fire zones over time,” said Coryn Julien, communications director for Alley Cat Allies. “Alley Cat Allies is providing our expertise and strategizing with local organizations to deliver even more immediate support as well as long term help for cats through the recovery work ahead.”

Alley Cat Allies is continuing to meet communicated needs for critical supplies including medication, cat food, and kitten milk replacement. Alley Cat Allies is also addressing everyday needs for indoor cats and their families who were impacted, including litter and litter pans, food bowls and more.

Alley Cat Allies will provide updates to these disaster response efforts on its website,

(Note to editors: Pictures and video are available upon request.)


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