Phoenix, receiving care from Alley Cat Allies for burn wounds and smoke inhalation caused by the Smokehouse Creek Fire

With smoke still choking the air and charred landscape on either side of them, an Alley Cat Allies Rapid Response Team drove directly into the Texas communities most impacted by the historic Smokehouse Creek Fire to deliver lifesaving support for cats and kittens.

The Smokehouse Creek Fire was the largest in Texas history and among the largest ever recorded in the United States. As is usually the case with disasters, cats—who are incredible survivors—slowly emerged within the fire zones, some in need of emergency care.

Rubble, who was found in a burnt-out trailer during the Texas fires. He’s thriving in Alley Cat Allies’ care.

Just days into the disaster, our Rapid Response Team was on the ground delivering that care as well as critical items—including medical supplies like burn cream and vet wrap, cat food, and more–to Fritch, Canadian, and other impacted communities. When we first contacted organizations on the ground to offer our assistance, we were met with relief and gratitude. Many told us we were the first non-local organization to extend a helping hand for companion animals.

For cats like Rubble, Phoenix, and Mona, our team’s quick response was life-changing. Rubble, a gregarious tabby, was found alone in a burnt-out trailer. Phoenix was found with whiskers singed and curled from flames and burn wounds on his paws that were slow to heal. Mona, sweet as can be, needed a veterinary exam and support to unwind from the harrowing ordeal. All three were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Alley Cat Allies is providing them with continuing care and, eventually, will find them forever homes of their own.

The Alley Cat Allies Rapid Response Team delivers cat and dog food, burn cream, vet wrap and more in Borger, Texas.

But effective disaster response involves more than hauling bags of cat food to emergency supply centers and providing immediate and urgent care—though those swift actions save so many lives. Long-term support must look to the future, setting up impacted communities to protect cats and kittens with humane and effective programs.

In the wake of destruction, there is an opportunity to build something better. Time and time again, we see incredible people step up when tragedy strikes, becoming active cat advocates and working with local caregivers to save cats in real time. Alley Cat Allies supports those advocates, helps them network with others committed to helping cats in their area, and provides them a starting point for success.

We’re staying connected with Texas panhandle advocates to determine the next steps to protect cats in former fire zones and establish critical resources for food, care, and more.

If you’d like to support our critical work, including disaster response, every gift makes a lifesaving difference: