The American Bird Conservancy has grossly misinterpreted new research being done at the University of Georgia, using it to support misleading claims that cats are one of the main reasons for bird species decline.

University researchers used “kitty cams” to follow 55 pet cats in suburban Athens, Georgia. In one week, the cats caught five birds. As the research team’s graduate student, Kerrie Anne Loyd, told Alley Cat Allies, “We studied pet cats, not stray cats and feral cats…We did not attempt to extrapolate wildlife captures beyond our study community.”

The American Bird Conservancy’s propaganda is just more of the samespreading fictions about outdoor cats and making wild “˜extrapolations’ about their imagined impact on other species.

Humans are the number one threat to wildlifehabitat loss, pollution, and urban sprawl are the top reasons that bird populations are declining.

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