YUBA CITY, Calif. Nov. 21, 2018 Alley Cat Allies is coordinating expert guidance and assistance for organizations and caregivers in California with the recovery and protection of cats as the state responds to multiple wildfire disasters.

Alley Cat Allies president and founder Becky Robinson was among the team that visited a staging location near the Sutter-Yuba Fairgrounds in Yuba City on Monday. While they were on site, they assisted the FieldHaven Feline Center, from nearby Lincoln, California, in providing emergency shelter for displaced cats, four parakeets and an iguana.

“My heart goes out to the people on the front lines, and I am incredibly impressed by their dedication and persistence,” Robinson said. “Many of the hardworking volunteers on the ground have already lost their own pets, cars, and homes, but are still caring for these animals in need.”

The raging fires in California caused many pets to be left behind in the panic. Community cats have been affected, too, as their outdoor homes have been destroyed and their caregivers have evacuated. As a result, rescue teams are finding many cats that were burned, hungry, and scared.

Alley Cat Allies helped shelters and caregivers through previous disasters from California to Texas and the east coast, including Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Michael and many others. Experience has shown that only a tiny percentage of cats are reunited with their owners after such disasters. Short-term needs in California include temporary housing, rescue, and veterinary medical care. Long term, the region needs housing plans for its animals, including fostering and adoption care. These can too easily be overlooked as the weight of a disaster settles in for the duration.

“Cats and other animals impacted by the wildfires will need the right kinds of care, disease-free and full of enrichment,” Robinson continued. “The region will struggle with manpower and resources just to feed these animals, and that’s where we will be stepping in to help over the long haul.”

Alley Cat Allies is leveraging its substantial network of support, including its Feral Friends Network, to provide disaster coordination assistance for the several wildfires currently burning in California. In addition, Alley Cat Allies has already provided supplies and emergency grant funding to California organizations such as the FieldHaven Feline Center that are helping animals through the disaster.

Alley Cat Allies will continue to provide assistance in the days and weeks ahead, and is accepting donations to help make a difference for communities devastated by the fires.

(Note to editors: Pictures from Yuba City are available upon request.)

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