When we received a call about an orange kitten with a badly injured eye in California’s Bay Area, Alley Cat Allies jumped into action thanks to the support of people like you! We immediately connected with our friends at FieldHaven Feline Center, with whom we worked to save cats during California’s 2018 Camp Fire, and arranged to get Argus the emergency care he desperately needed.

Argus recovering well from his lifesaving surgery.

Argus, who is about 6 months old, was rushed by a relay team to a veterinary clinic that could provide him specialized surgery. It was determined that removing the eye was the best choice for the little guy, and Alley Cat Allies is covering the costs of the procedure and his care.

It’s important to know that Argus will be just fine with one eye! Cats can adapt very well to this condition and have few special care needs. He’ll lose some of his field of vision and depth perception, but he’ll adapt his other strong senses—like hearing and smell—to make up the difference. As the many people with cats in their lives who have one eye or even are blind can attest, it will not impact his quality of life or affect how active, curious, playful, or happy he is in the future.

On that note, we’re happy to report that Argus is making a speedy recovery! He’s eating and sleeping well, and he even managed to knock over the camera set up to check on him overnight when he was still recovering at the veterinary clinic.

Right now, Argus is settled into a foster home with his own special space and a view of the outdoors.  We can’t wait to see what his future holds!

“Argus is receiving loving care in his foster home. Alley Cat Allies is happy we could rescue him, provide critical medical care, and help him along this journey,” said Alice Burton, Alley Cat Allies’ Director of Programs, who answered the call and coordinated Argus’s rescue.

Alley Cat Allies is committed to protecting and improving the lives of cats and kittens like Argus every day. We can only do this critical, vital work with the help of our generous donors and supporters. You can be a part of this lifesaving mission by giving today!