Advocacy Toolkit

Download: PDF How to Advocate for Humane Laws and Policies for Cats in Your Community The Alley Cat Allies’ Advocacy Toolkit will arm you with the basics in citizen lobbying and prepare you to advocate for humane laws and policies for cats. Advocating for Cats You can become the cats’ most powerful advocate in your […]

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Sample Letters to Legislators

The most important thing you can do for cats is to be their voice in the legislative process. You must communicate your support (or disagreement) of laws and policies that affect cats to your elected officials. The top priority of most elected officials is being re-elected. If they are aware that many of their constituents […]

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Community Cat Shelter Options Gallery

Pre-Built | Assembly Required: Easy | Moderate | Advanced Providing shelter is a great way to keep cats safe from the elements and can help you monitor their ongoing well-being. There are several options available for feral cat shelters. Below are just some of those options. Learn what makes a good shelter for outdoor cats. Looking […]

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Sample Press Releases and Media Advisories

Use these sample press releases and media advisories to spread the word about your organization’s involvement in a special event that day. For more information on writing and submitting press releases, read our How to Write and Send a Press Release tips. Learn more about Working with the Media. Instructions: For emailed press releases/media advisories: […]

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How to Draft a Lifesaving Cat Ordinance with Trap-Neuter-Return

Since our founding in 1990, Alley Cat Allies has helped thousands of communities draft and implement successful Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) ordinances and policies. Many of these communities have successful TNR and Shelter-Neuter-Return (SNR) policies and practices that are not spelled out in their local laws—and that’s okay! You don’t need a law to practice TNR or […]

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