The festivities of the 4th of July, especially fireworks, can be extremely stressful for cats and kittens. By taking a few precautions and other steps, you can help ensure the comfort and safety of your feline family members during the celebrations.

IMPORTANT: If you suspect your cat ingested a substance or food that could be poisonous to them, contact the Pet Poison Helpline immediately at 855-764-7661.

1. Give cats a quiet, safe area to relax

We suggest choosing a room that cats already enjoy hanging out in, especially if it is relatively soundproof. You can also close them in if necessary, especially while you have guests who will be moving in and out of your home (which increases the chances that a cat could bolt out in a moment of fear).

Make sure the room has litter, food, and water, as well as a few of their favorite toys.

2. Drown out the noise

Play videos on the TV or a computer (not too loud but loud enough to distract from the sounds of fireworks), or soft music. You can also turn on a fan, air conditioner, or a white noise machine. If you are staying with your cat, you can also talk calmly to distract her.

3. Try other calming measures

Keep your cat company, but don’t force her to interact. If your cat has a favorite covered bed to hide in, bring that as well. If not, you can create one with a blanket and a cardboard box. A smaller space to hide can help cats feel safer.

If your cat has a favorite treat, try to distract her with it. You can also attempt calming pheromone sprays or diffusers like Feliway.

PLEASE NOTE: If your cat is still exhibiting intense signs such as shaking, drooling, increased heart rate, inappropriate bathroom habits, or suppressed appetite, long after the fireworks, consult a veterinarian right away.

4. Keep dangerous items out of reach

Matches and fireworks may be the obvious 4th of July staples to keep away from cats but also watch out for streamers, ribbons, and other party favors. Cats could choke, suffer an obstruction, or become sick by ingesting these items.

This goes for party food as well! Many of our favorite party foods are poisonous for cats, particularly if they contain onion and garlic. Make sure cats only consume food and treats meant for them.

5. Keep track of community cats

Community cats may hide for quite a while after fireworks displays. It is always best practice to monitor every cat you care for and keep an eye out for all of them. Alley Cat Allies’ community cat tracking system can help you get organized.

Make sure your information on each cat is up to date and do a head count the next day, just to be safe.

To further ensure the safety of community cats, pick up firework debris and other trash outdoors after the festivities end.

6. Microchip Your Cats

If your cat slips out the door and becomes lost, a microchip can help ensure she can return home. Make sure your registered information is up to date! Learn more at

From all of us at Alley Cat Allies: Have a very happy 4th of July!