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Alley Cat Allies' Heated Water Bowl Recommendations

Cold weather brings the risk of freezing water. Keeping your cat colony’s water bowls drinkable can prove a challenging task. There are a number of heated water bowls on the market. Below are the bowls tested by Alley Cat Allies' supporters.

Heated Water Bowl (#BOWL-P) 
Available from Allied Precision
This bowl got a good test of winter weather and does keep the water melted in the best and worst of times. Snow actually accumulated on the edges, but the water in the bowl itself did not freeze. A good solution to keep cats hydrated for those with electricity handy.
Tested by Denise F. - Baltimore, MD
Heated Pet Bowl (Model QT-1)  
Available from Farm Innovators
Works great, no freezing – even with a large amount of snow fall. Ideal for colonies who live in backyards or are fed on porches.
Tested by Spring Farm CARES – Clinton, NY