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What is a Feral Cat?

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Since our founding in 1990, Alley Cat Allies has developed the world-recognized best practices for the humane care of outdoor cats, and has written and provided materials, training, and advice on these practices to the thousands of Americans providing care to stray and feral cats in their community. We are bringing all of our expertise to you.

Conduct Trap-Neuter-Return Guide

You can improve the lives of outdoor cats with Trap-Neuter-Return, the humane and effective approach for feral cats. To successfully trap, neuter, vaccinate, eartip, and return feral cats, you need a plan. These guidelines for humane trapping from Alley Cat Allies, the organization that helped introduce TNR to the United States, will get you on your way!
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Colony Care Guide

Caring for a feral cat colony provides tremendous benefits to caregivers, neighbors, and the cats. Though cats have been living outdoors for over 10,000 years on their own, caregivers can use Alley Cat Allies’ best practices guide to promote the cats’ well-being, improve their relationships with neighbors, and assist the people who live nearby to understand and co-exist with the cats.
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Veterinary Care Center

Feral cats require a special veterinary approach that takes into account their unique needs and the fact that they are not socialized to humans. Alley Cat Allies’ resource center is the place veterinarians can go to learn more about feral cats, their care, and their needs.
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Community Relations Resource Center

Community relations—making yourself available, taking the initiative to communicate, providing first-hand knowledge and expertise on cat behavior, and following through on your promises—can save cats’ lives. Alley Cat Allies’ tools can help you bring about widespread change in your community, and ensure that it continues to be a safe and happy home for both the cats and the neighbors.
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Socialized Cat Guide

When conducting Trap-Neuter-Return, you might find stray cats who are socialized and friendly to humans, young feral kittens, or orphan kittens. Alley Cat Allies’ guide explains how to socialize and care for feral kittens, how to raise neonatal kittens, and also how to find homes for any kitten or cat ready for adoption.
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Build Trap-Neuter-Return Capacity

Want to expand your Trap-Neuter-Return efforts beyond your colony? Our tools can get you on the road to providing Trap-Neuter-Return as part of an organization, educating others, establishing feral friendly practices, and helping more cats.
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Change Your Community

With more than 70% of cats entering shelters doomed to be killed there, (virtually 100% of feral cats), change is greatly needed. Alley Cat Allies has the tools to help you advocate on behalf of cats and demand change! Use our research to back your work and use our tools to network and organize.
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