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Press Release

For Immediate Release: May 21, 2013
Contact: VAISHALI HONAWAR, or (240) 482-2580; CATE SNYDER, or (240) 482-3890

Organization will work with local groups to provide aid, supplies to tornado victims

BETHESDA, MD—Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s largest advocacy organization for cats, today announced a coordinated effort to support cat rescue work in Moore, Oklahoma in the aftermath of a deadly tornado that ripped through the area.

A special hotline, 866-271-5534, has been set up to answer questions on how to humanely trap misplaced and stranded cats, and where to find veterinary care and temporary housing for cats. The organization has also released a set of tips on how to help feral or community cats in the aftermath of a disaster:

“Our hearts go out to the residents of Moore at this very difficult time,” said Becky Robinson, president and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies. “There is no doubt that the animals and caregivers affected by this tragedy will need lots of help in the days to come. We are now assessing the situation with our local and national partners to ensure how best we can target resources.”

The organization is on standby to provide supplies, including humane box traps, cat carriers, and food, to local groups working on the ground in Moore to assist with cat rescue.

“We urge anyone who comes across feral or stranded cats to contact us on the hotline so that the very special needs of feral cats and cats who might behave fearfully in stressful situations are taken care of, and no cats are needlessly destroyed,” Robinson added.

Donations to Alley Cat Allies’ Disaster Recovery Fund can be made to


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