Your Alley Cat Allies update on the cats’ and kittens’ lives we’ve most recently saved. All of our critical work is only possible through the compassion and generosity of our donors and supporters like you. Every gift has an impact:

Celebrating YOU This National Philanthropy Day

Orange crew from Arkansas. Helped through grant to community cats of central Arkansas.

It’s said that philanthropy is about giving gifts of time, talent, and treasure to better our world. We at Alley Cat Allies are so proud to have incredible, compassionate supporters and donors who give all that and more to protect cats every day!

November 15 is National Philanthropy Day, and we’re celebrating YOU and all the cats’ lives you help us save—like Cheddar, who is among the many cats receiving critical veterinary care through Alley Cat Allies grants. Everything we do is powered by our supporters like you.

Together, we’re building a world where every cat and kitten is valued and protected:

Update: Jet is Healing at Jet Speed!

Little Mr. Jet is doing great after extensive veterinary treatment, including for a heavily injured eye. Alley Cat Allies ensured Jet could receive that care through our Cat Help Desk and, though his eye could not be saved, he’s healing spectacularly (and cats do very well with just one eye)!

Lately, Jet enjoys a good play session and snuggling with Orion, another kitten in his foster home. We’re so grateful to our supporters for making our lifesaving work—and this little cuddle pile—possible!

Stay tuned: We’re also working on a larger initiative to provide Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for community cats in Jet’s area very soon.

Saving a Tiny Tiger through our Cat Help Desk

Meet Tigy AKA Tiny Tiger AKA Miss Meow Meow!

This sweet ~6 week old kitten from Tennessee needed treatment for an ulcer in her eye and an upper respiratory infection (URI). Through our Cat Help Desk, Alley Cat Allies answered the call to provide Tigy with veterinary care—and, as you can see, she’s in great spirits and adores her new big brother!

Every day, we can save and protect cats’ lives thanks to the generosity of our supporters. YOU make the difference for cats and kittens.

A Happy Check In on Journey

We love getting updates on our adopted cats! If you’ve been following us, you may have seen the story of Journey—now named Juni—who had quite a journey from a kitten on death’s door to a happy, thriving cat through Alley Cat Allies’ care! Her family was kind enough to let us know all is well.

“Juni and Loki (the handsome tuxedo fellow pictured) formed an inseparable bond in a matter of days! They spend every minute of every day together,” they told us.