This season has brought with it many unprecedented disasters, with lives lost and homes and businesses destroyed. Animals were also victims and survivors. The well-being of these animals is a priority in affected communities and for Alley Cat Allies.

After the historic tornadoes in America’s Heartland in December 2021, our Founder and President Becky Robinson was asked personally by community leaders to come to Mayfield, Kentucky one of the hardest hit communities. She worked closely with brave caregivers in the field, and met with the veterinarians who received emergency funding from Alley Cat Allies to save injured cats and dogs.

Our work continues in Mayfield with the launch of a community-wide initiative offering humane education, outreach, and collaboration as well as spay and neuter, vaccinations, and microchips for all cats those in homes and those living outdoors.

In the aftermath of December’s Marshall Fire, which devastated an area of over 6,000 acres near Boulder, Colorado, we knew time was of the essence. We immediately reached out to our Feral Friends Network® to develop a rescue plan to help impacted cats, including the deployment of trail cameras to locate and identify them. As a result of our work, several house cats were reunited with their families, and community cats in the area now have makeshift feeding stations and their care has resumed. Most importantly, our emergency funding ensured veterinarians could save animals injured in the fire.


Now we are focused on building long-term, lifesaving infrastructure for animals, from cat shelters and feeding stations to high-volume spay and neuter programs. Our overarching goal is to create a blueprint for every community to protect animals in the aftermath of disaster.

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