Rhode Island could be one of the first states in the nation to ban the cruel practice of declawing.

The state’s House Health, Education & Welfare Committee is considering HB 5160, a bill that would make declawing cats illegal. Declawing is not just a nail trim; it is a painful process that amputates the last bone on each of a cat’s toes. It is often done to prevent cats from scratching, but it is cruel, unnecessary, and unhealthy.

Without their claws, cats have trouble walking, balancing, and using the litter box. Declawed cats may also become aggressive out of stress, which could cause them to be taken to shelters and killed. There are humane ways to stop cats from scratching, like scratching posts, deterrents, and nail caps.

If you live in Rhode Island, tell your legislator that you support a declawing ban.