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The Benefits of a Community, Animal Control, and Shelter Supported TNR Program

Webinar| Trap-Neuter-Return

width="344"Have you ever considered starting a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in your community, or wondered about its benefits? Wonder no longer! We’re talking all about TNR and how it helps cats and communities in our brand new webinar: The Benefits of a Community, Animal Control, and Shelter supported TNR Program.

Whether you’re an animal control officer who wants to make a difference, or a citizen who supports TNR, this webinar is for you! Join us and learn how TNR programs help cats, animal control, animal shelters, and the public all at the same time.

The webinar includes former animal control officer Alice Burton’s story of how she went from non-believer to advocate after she watched TNR transform her community. You’ll walk away understanding why TNR is the only humane and effective optionand how every community can do it.

Don’t be afraid to take that big, lifesaving steplearn why you should create or support a TNR program!