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How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Guide: Seven Weeks

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Weight: 770-800 grams/27.1-28.2 ounces
Teeth: Premolars in
Eyes: May change color
Ears: Fully upright



Seven-week-old kittens are becoming more independent, which comes with its advantages—you’re probably not bottle feeding anymore—and disadvantages: they’re now very curious and also highly mobile and coordinated. You’ll have to keep a close eye on them.

At about 54 days old, kittens are at the height of their eye-paw coordination, leading them to try more daring and complex actions. Watch them and ensure their play area is safe.

At this age, the kittens’ adult eye color may start to emerge!



Kittens who are seven weeks old should be eating kitten kibble and wet food. They can eat kibble and wet food mixed together at first, but you can slowly start to separate them. Do it gradually so the kittens won’t have digestive problems.

Feeding frequency:

Two or three times a day.

Bathroom habits:

Kittens should use the litter box.


Socializing kittens becomes more important as they get older, so they have the skills to thrive in their homes when they are adopted.


Make sure you incorporate grooming into your interactions with the kittens, especially if you have a single kitten or are raising a litter without the mother cat.


Introduce kittens to different parts of the house, different objects, different pets and people, and different experiences. All help them adjust to new situations.

If you haven’t already, introduce the kittens to scratching posts and trim their claws for the first time. Training the kittens to understand these routines helps prepare them for their new homes.


Playing is an important part of kitten socialization because it helps them bond with each other and build confidence around people. Play with kittens for at least two hours a day (all together or broken up). Take time to socialize each of the kittens in a litter individually. At this age kittens will love to play with toys and you should encourage that!

If your kittens are behind on socialization, learn more about how to get started at