The sprawling, crystal blue waters and white sand beaches of Grand Cayman evoke a sense of paradise and adventure. But when Alley Cat Allies first traveled there in October of 2023, we had something else in mind: the cats and kittens faced with lethal removal by the Cayman Islands government.

Alley Cat Allies has taken a strong stand against a government plan to round up and kill cats on a massive scale, and we are actively supporting local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and no-cost spay and neuter programs to help community cats and their caregivers. Because the fact is TNR works, and killing does not.

Back in October, we were there as the Cayman Islands Humane Society started on its journey to spay or neuter 100 indoor and community cats and hand out thousands of pounds of cat food through an Alley Cat Allies grant—just to start! We were inspired by the joy and relief of the cats’ families and caregivers. They, like so many others on the islands, care deeply for their cats and want the best for them.

So when we provided grants for TNR and other care to organizations Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (C.A.R.E.) and Feline Friends, our team jumped at the chance to fly back out! In January, we traveled from the chilly U.S. East Coast to the balmy Cayman Islands to follow the first of many TNR efforts to help cats and their caregivers. In the next weeks, we’ll reach 200 cats and kittens—with many more to come!

The next morning, as we opened the doors of the humane traps and watched the cats rejoin their feline families, we could only think: What if the Cayman Islands government spent time, money, and energy on TNR instead of killing?

The islands are home to incredible, hard-working TNR advocates who are improving the cats’ lives and the community every day. Between their efforts, government support of TNR, and Alley Cat Allies’ expertise, the Cayman Islands could stand as a model for humane, effective approaches on island communities rather than make headlines for cruel and lethal action.

That is exactly the future we envision—and the one we are working toward with your support. We’re glad to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re making promising headway toward lifesaving change for the islands’ cats and kittens.

We can’t wait to share that progress with you and, in the meantime, save hundreds of cats’ lives through TNR with local organizations. What we accomplish on the Cayman Islands will impact not only how other island communities view and approach community cats, but set an example for communities worldwide to follow. Because the fact is this: Cats, people, and wildlife can all coexist in peace. And when we do, we’ll truly find paradise.