We need your help to protect Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and community cats in the nation’s capital. Tell Washington, D.C. that you support TNR!

The District Department of Energy and Environment published a draft of their 2015 “Wildlife Action Plan”, calling for D.C. to “revisit” its Trap-Neuter-Return policy. D.C. established its lifesaving TNR ordinance years ago, but this plan calls for community cats to be taken into shelterswhere they will likely be killedin a misguided attempt to protect wildlife.

Cats have lived outdoors, and alongside humans, for thousands of years and are a natural part of the environment. Flawed reports and publications are used to scapegoat cats, but human pollution and habitat destruction are the true threats to wildlife. Catching and killing cats is not only cruel, it’s ineffective: removing cats creates a vacuum effect where cats from neighboring areas relocate into the space and repopulate. TNR is the only humane and effective approach to the community cat population.

Act now: tell Washington, D.C. that you support TNR before September 7!

Washington, D.C. is our nation’s capital and is an example to the rest of the country. Your input is crucial to protect TNR and cats. Tell D.C. that you support TNR and don’t want to live, do business in, or visit a city where cats are rounded up and killed.

Take action: Tell D.C. to keep supporting TNR.