Debby Giblin has been helping Alley Cat Allies save cats’ lives almost as long as we’ve been around! Since 1996, for 24 years, Giblin has donated regularly to protect cats and kittenswho have always been important to her.


Debby’s beloved cat, Figaro. Fun fact: Figaro’s best friend since he was a tiny kitten is a stuffed manatee named Satchel!

“Cats are my first love,” she says. That is why Giblin chose to name Alley Cat Allies in her will. She has spent all her life helping cats, so it was an easy decision to ensure her legacy will do the same.

Giblin isn’t afraid to get hands on for the cats who need her, either. She learned on her own how to bottle-feed and raise her now 12-year-old cat, Figaro, when he was just 3 weeks old and found without his mother.

And when asked why she gives to Alley Cat Allies, she recalls one of her most beloved cats.

“When I think of Alley Cat Allies, I think of Beauty, a cat who was with me for almost 20 years,” Giblin explains. “Beauty reminds me how special our bond is with cats. That they are important and deserve to be protected.”