Missouri lawmakers are considering a new bill, SB 115, that would prohibit local governments from outlawing cat declawing in their cities and counties. Alley Cat Allies testified against this dangerous measure and we’re rallying advocates in Missouri to join us.

If you live in Missouri, tell your lawmakers to vote NO on SB 115 today and protect cats from declawing.

Thanks to the tireless advocacy of Alley Cat Allies, The Paw Project, and dedicated people throughout the area, St. Louis and St. Louis County enacted cat declawing bans in 2019. Those lifesaving laws in one of the state’s largest communities—and any future declawing bans in Missouri—are directly threatened by SB 115.

This is unacceptable and flies in the face of the people of St. Louis, who chose humane treatment of cats and succeeded in writing it into law. And, it will prevent any future progress in the state to reflect the humane, compassionate values of its citizens.

We are standing with the cats and Missouri residents, telling lawmakers that declaw surgery is not a nail trim, but a surgical amputation of the last joints of a cat’s toes. Declawing is almost always nontherapeutic, meaning it brings no medical benefit to the cat. Without their claws, cats can’t perform many of their instinctive behaviors, can feel unsafe without their natural protection, and can experience issues with walking and balancing. The pain and discomfort caused by declaw surgery can lead to permanent physical and mental harm.

These facts are the reason St. Louis chose to outlaw cat declawing, and why it is vital that future declawing bans are not only allowed to pass, but are given the full support of Missouri legislators.

Every humane community must ban the declawing of cats. No bill should prevent that critical, lifesaving progress.

Alley Cat Allies is staying involved in this legal process and will keep you updated on the movement of SB 115.

Learn more about the harmful effects of declawing and our campaign to Keep Cats’ Claws on Their Paws.