The hearing on the case of Kristen Lindsey, the veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow and bragged about it on Facebook, has been postponed indefinitely for a mediation period.  Mediation could potentially last until April 20, during which time Lindsey and her lawyer hope to reach a resolution. The good newsmediation could allow for further investigation into Lindsey’s actions, including new evidence that she made false statements and misrepresentations.

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TVBME) accused Lindsey of animal cruelty, leading them to revoke her veterinary license in October 2015. The hearing, originally scheduled for March 8 10, was to fight the permanence of the revocation. But as new details emerged and Lindsey contradicted herself, the TVBME believed more time was needed to investigate.

Lindsey originally statedunder oaththat she believed the cat was rabid, and that she was hunting when she killed him. In a later deposition, she admitted that she didn’t think the cat was rabid and was not hunting at the time. Lindsey also ignored the TVBME’s request to produce the cat’s body in order to determine if it was Tiger, a neighbor’s pet, or a feral cat as Lindsey claimed.  Lindsey first stated that the remains were decomposed and not available. In the deposition, however, she admitted that she didn’t even attempt to search for the remains.

She also didn’t disclose information about her witnesses. The TVBME asked for names of all witnesses and a statement of their connection to the case. Lindsey provided names but not statements, and then later claimed that one of her witnesses overheard an important conversation relevant to the case.

Shortly before mediation was ordered, Alley Cat Allies submitted an amicus brief in support of the TBVME’s decision to revoke Lindsey’s license. We hope there will be further investigation during the mediation period that will prove Lindsey is not fit to be a veterinarian and ensure that her license remains revoked. We will stay involved and update you when a new date for the hearing is confirmed.