Judy Czarny has supported Alley Cat Allies since 2001 and strongly believes that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and compassionate way to address community cat colonies.

“For me, you stand for compassion and love of catsall cats,” Judy says. “I like that you educate individuals, groups, and even cities regarding Trap-Neuter-Return.”

That’s why she decided to join our monthly giving program, the Cat-alyst Society.

The Cat-alyst Society is an exclusive group of compassionate individuals who have pledged to make monthly donations to Alley Cat Allies, which serve as the foundation for our lifesaving work.

As a monthly donor, Judy ensures that Alley Cat Allies has a dependable, steady source of funds to fuel our work, allowing us to dedicate more time to what really matterssaving cats!

The convenience of setting up an automatic, monthly contribution has provided Judy with the opportunity to focus more on advocating for animals in her own community in Dallas. Judy helps people in her area reunite with their lost pets. She also helps find forever homes for socialized community cats in her neighborhood.

Judy currently has two rescue cats of her own, Lester and Lily, but at one point she’s had as many as four!

Judy and all of our Cat-alyst Society members enable us to improve cats’ lives by creating positive change in communities across the country.

These compassionate individuals save lives each and every day with their monthly gift and inspire us with their love and commitment to cats. If you are also inspired and wish to create a world where cats can live in the way they deserve, then join our Cat-alyst Society today.

The cats need you.

To join our exclusive Cat-alyst Society, sign up at alleycat.org/Catalyst.

You can also call 1-866-309-6207 to speak to a member of the Development team, or email us at [email protected] for more information.