One of the kittens saved by Alley Cat Allies.

One of the kittens saved by Alley Cat Allies.

Last week we alerted you to High Industries’ removal of cats from their property—after they had agreed to a trapping moratorium. Since then they have refused to let us return the cats even though their kittens remained, abandoned and starving on the property. This was despite your amazing efforts, which included over 13,000 emails sent to High Industries voicing your opposition.

To protect the 45 cats trapped by High Industries, Alley Cat Allies pulled them from the pound, and we have been forced to relocate them. We could not hold the cats any longer, hoping that High Industries would do the right thing and allow the cats to return. Relocation is a stressful endeavor for cats and should only be done as a last resort when cats’ lives are in imminent danger.

The cats have been relocated to barn homes in the Northeast. They are undergoing the acclimation process, being confined in large enclosures for four weeks, so they can get used to their new surroundings.

Additionally, we were able to save four kittens, including Ernie, Murphy, and Polly. Three were near death when they were found and are being fostered by an Alley Cat Allies employee until they are ready for adoption—the fourth is being held with his mother until he is old enough to eat on his own.

Because High Industries has refused to institute humane policies, we are going straight to the policymakers. We are in communication with the mayor of the Buena Vista Township, where the High Concrete plant is located, and where nearby, the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk cats have thrived through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for more than 15 years. We are working to institute humane policies, like TNR, countywide.

Without you, we would not be able to help cats and kittens when they are in danger. Our work in the area is far from over, and we are grateful to have you by our side. Thank you!

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