We’re thankful for cats every day, but this Thanksgiving we want to tell you about some of the cats we share our lives with. We asked our staff members to bring in photos of their feline family and tell us a little about what makes each cat so special.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Marlowe came to Cliffie through the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County after he was found outdoors as an older kitten looking after a litter of tiny kittens. Marlowe soon gained a sister, Moneypenny, from the same shelter.

Flannel was trapped in a shop basement where he’d been hiding for nearly two weeks. Alley Cat Allies staff members rescued him, and he’s patiently awaiting a family to be thankful for. To adopt Flannel, visit www.alleycat.org/adopt.

Laura adopted The Colonel and Jimmy from a Baltimore area rescue. The two cats came from different places, but they bonded at the rescue so Laura didn’t want to separate them. The Colonel is a patient and caring big brother for Jimmy, who is a big troublemaker.

JJ’s snuggly cat Nox was a community cat for the first few years of her life, but after she made her love for people well known, she was put up for adoption. Nox is FeLV positive, but that doesn’t slow her down at all.

This pile of kittens (Darling, Denby, Corduroy, Wembley and Tweed) was the adorable result when June fostered a pregnant mama cat from a local shelter. The mother cat and all her babies are now in happy forever homes.

Jonathan adopted Benny on Valentine’s Dayit was true love!

Alison’s cat Lionel was adopted from the Greenbelt animal shelter.  He likes to sunbathe and  can hear a can of wet food open from a mile away.

Jon’s cats Kitsa and Roxas are inseparable. Kitsa is a furry motor equipped with squeak toy and Roxas is an adventurous fellow. Together, these two young cats have taught Jon’s senior cats how to play!

Calabash was born outdoors, and neutered and vaccinated as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return effort (that’s why he sports an eartip). Instead of being returned, June adopted and socialized Cal. He’s now a quirky member of the household, and best friends with June’s dog, Locksley.

Percy was born to a barn cat, but his curious nature got him into some trouble and he ended up at a veterinary clinic. He charmed the staff so much that one of the vet techs convinced her sister, Gretchen, to adopt him.

Opposites attract! Mitch is a very serious cat, but he loves his best friend Max, a real goof ball. They had a rough start in life, but after Jen adopted them from a shelter in Boston, it’s been smooth sailing for these two buddies.

Robert’s cat Paulie was taken in as a stray. He’s a burly, affectionate guy, and an all around great cat.

Imogen was adopted from Anne Arundel County Animal Control as an older kitten. She’s now 6 years old and loves rolling on Nicole’s floor and snuggling on any lap she can find.

Cuddles lived up to her name when Jonathan adopted her. This love bug wants nothing more than to spend time purring away loudly by your side.

Katherine’s cat Jinju is a treasure. Her name means “pearl” in Korean. She was found as a newborn this spring in Virginia.

Puck also came to Gretchen through her vet tech sister. He’d been found alone on a snowy night and after a few weeks getting well at the clinic, he joined Gretchen’s family.

Cody was found as an orphaned neonatal kitten. Bottle babies are a lot of work, but Cody made a great Kitten Internyou might have seen him on Alley Cat Allies social media. Cody charmed his foster family into keeping him forever.

Nicole adopted Mochi from Anne Arundel County Animal Control as a kitten. He’s now an adventurous and funny 5-year-old.

Erin’s dog has another feline admirer: Shelly. She sports an eartip from her TNR days and spends most of her time wanting her head kissed and cuddling with the dog.

In his community cat days, Shelburne would follow Kayla and her dog Marly while they were on walks. Eventually he decided he wanted to join the family and meowed at Kayla’s door until she let him inside. Kayla and Marly also found Mya on a walk. Kayla carried her home in her arms.

Harrison is a ball of energy and he keeps Cathy on her toes. He’s a very mischievous boy and especially likes to take things out of boxes.

Mel was 16 and one of the gentlest souls Jonathan had ever met. She loved catnip and drinking from the faucet. Jon and Mel had a wonderful year and a half together.

Shadow is the shiest of Jonathan’s cats, but she loves to hang out with her sister Cuddles.

Luna is Katherine’s grumpy (yet consistently adorable) senior cat, Luna. She runs the world. Enough said.

Erin’s cat Desy is a former community cat from Gainesville, Florida. She’s a lazy lady, but she loves to talk to her people and hang out with the family dog.

Stephen adopted senior cat Tony from a New Jersey shelter. He’s diabetic along with a host of other health issues, but he LOVES to have his belly rubbed.

Pumpkin is 8 years old. She was a feral kitten Cara’s family adopted after her parents found her on the side of the road in DC with a broken pelvis. Pumpkin loves puzzles and sneaking drinks from people’s water glasses.

When neighbors spotted a stray in need of medical attention, they called Rebekah. After he had a clean bill of health, Alley Cat Allies found Sam a forever family who loves him very much.

Rebekah thought Wilbur was a feral cat until she trapped him and discovered he’s a total sweetheart. These days he’s content to cuddle and nap, although he’s known as “the sheriff” because he runs to break up any squabble between the other cats, and smacks the dogs from time to time, just to keep them in line.

Abe is one of Becky Robinson’s cats!

Goose was trapped as a kitten, along with his brother and sister, as part of a TNR effort in upstate New York. Elizabeth’s family fostered the three kittens until they were old enough for adoption. They kept Goose, and he has been a treasured member of the family for 10 years!

Willie was an adult outdoor cat who Robert and his wife were feeding. He must have at one point been an indoor pet cat, because when they let him inside, he adapted very quickly.

Gertie was the first cat Jonathan successfully trapped with Alley Cat Allies!  Gertie (now Rosie) was adopted into a loving home.

Robert trapped Daisy as part of a neighborhood TNR program. Since she was three months oldperhaps young enough to be socializedRobert tried to make her a pet cat, but it never quite took. She gets along well with her feline housemates, but will probably always be wary of humans.

Massimo is approximately 2 years old and showed up on Joanne’s porch. His super sweet demeanor made him a shoo-in to join the family.