BETHESDA, MD – As the coldest time of the year approaches, many people may wonder how to help community cats, or unowned cats who live outdoors. Alley Cat Allies, the global leader in protecting cats and kittens, offers extensive resources for those who feel called to lend a helping paw to cats in the winter.

Coryn Julien, Communications Director of Alley Cat Allies, explains that cats have always lived and thrived in a variety of outdoor climates. “Community cats know where to find food and shelter from the elements, but compassionate people can still help ensure their comfort and safety during the coldest months.”

Whether you’re new to caring for community cats or a seasoned pro, Alley Cat Allies recommends these cold weather care best practices:

  • Do not bring cats or kittens to animal shelters. Many lack humane, nonlethal policies and programs, and the cat may be killed. Contact a local veterinarian about any illness/injury.
  • Allowing community cats to remain outdoors is the best way to protect them. Help them stay warm by providing outdoor shelters insulated with straw, not hay.
  • Provide extra fresh food and water to cats daily in an area sheltered from the elements, and take steps to prevent freezing.
  • Check your vehicle before driving. Cats may seek shelter and warmth under your hood and between your tires and wheel wells.
  • Don’t use salt, chemical melting products, or antifreeze, which can be lethal when licked off paws or ingested from melting puddles.
  • Winter Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is fine if conditions aren’t too dangerous. Be vigilant when setting traps and immediately move cats into a temperature-controlled vehicle or building.

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