When the Camp Fire first devastated Paradise, California and other nearby areas, Alley Cat Allies® was there. Months later, we are still there, committed to the long-term recovery of cats and their families. As part of our continued promise to the people and cats of California and because of donations from our incredible supporters, we were able to open the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center in Marysville, California.



At the opening of Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center, I was lucky enough to connect with some of the people and cats whose lives have been profoundly affected by the fire. Our Recovery Center provides a safe haven for cats who have been lost or injured. Here they can get the care they need: bandaged paws, ash washed from their fur, and soothing words and actions from volunteers who care for the cats until they can be reunited with their families.



So far, the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center has seen more than 250 cats come through its doors – and there are more who need our help. Cats are still emerging from hiding spots in the wake of the fire’s devastation. After weeks or even months alone, these cats need a safe place to recover from their injuries and trauma. As we continue to help these cats, we are inspired by them. Cats are survivors, and we will be here as long as they need us. Sixty days after the fire, we are still rescuing and reuniting cats, like Hunter.



To our donors: Thank you for your support. The Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center and this life-saving care is made possible because of you. The Alley Cat Allies community enables us to everything the cats need, from recovery to reunion with their families.



We believe in always being there for cats, especially when disaster strikes. I founded Alley Cat Allies to protect and improve the lives of cats; I’m grateful we can help in California, and that every day we’re building toward a better world for them.