DonnawebDonna has been with Alley Cat Allies since the beginning.  She holds a life-long affection for and understanding of all cats, both wild and domestic. Decades of personal encounters and dealings with domestic cats has allowed Wilcox to have broad knowledge about their behavior, their health, and their relationship with each other and humans. Wilcox has counseled people around the country so they could gain a better understanding of cats, and what to do to protect and improve their lives.

Prior to joining Alley Cat Allies as a full-time staff member in 1999, she managed the Washington, D.C. office of the Natural Resources Defense Council. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio. She is the main caregiver of Alley Cat Allies’ three office cats, and shares her home with her own pack of cats in Bethesda, MD.