Alley Cat Allies’ dedicated volunteers brought high spirits and a ton of energy on April 25 and May 2 to our annual boardwalk spring cleaning. While our volunteers and staff picked up trash, repaired feeding stations, and refurbished cat shelters, the cats watched appreciatively from a distance.

18 volunteers filled 37 trash bags at 15 different locations on the boardwalk, where 132 cats call home.
A big thank you to our staff and volunteers who care for the cats and provide this huge community service!

Alley Cat Allies’ staff and volunteers have cared for the community cat colonies along the boardwalk as part of a city supported Trap-Neuter-Return program since 2000. Our Boardwalk Cats Project has become a model program for the nation and shows Trap-Neuter-Return worksno new kittens have been born at the boardwalk, and the population has naturally reduced by 71 percent.

The cats, many who are now in their teens, are living proof that cats live long and healthy lives outdoors. These famous cats draw visitors and admirers from all over the country.

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