The young tortoiseshell was on the median of a busy six-lane causeway in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday, as stretches of cars and buses zoomed by. Kim Kean, the Atlantic City program manager at Alley Cat Allies, just happened to be driving by on this frigid afternoon, with below-freezing temperatures, when she spotted the cat.

Kim Kean, Alley Cat Allies Atlantic City program manager, was driving by and saw the little tortoiseshell cat on the median.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “Normally, I’m really calm, but I was in a panic watching this cat sit there, and watching the buses go by.” 

Kean says she was unable to stop in the hectic traffic. She had to continue driving for about two miles until she was able to turn around and get back to the cat.  

“I was thinking the worst, that this cat already jumped off the median and was gone,” she says.  

Thankfully, the cat was still there. But Kean knew she couldn’t save the cat on her own. Cars and buses were speeding by on either side. She needed help from police to stop traffic and safely rescue the animal. 

She called the Atlantic City Police Department, but while she was waiting for officers to arrive, she had a better idea: She called Cindy Rongione, an animal-loving police officer who has worked with Alley Cat Allies through the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project for years.  

The 6-month-old cat, who we named Miracle, is safe and recovering in a foster home.

Rongione showed up a few minutes later. With help from her partner and Kean, she stopped traffic in both directions and scooped up the little tortie with a net.   

Kean took the cat to a veterinarian. She was scared, but had no injuries. The veterinarian determined that although the cat weighed only 3 pounds, she was about 6 months old. The veterinarian thought the cat was so cute that she decided to foster her!   

Kean was glad that she ended up in the right place at the right time to save the cat. Alley Cat Allies is extremely thankful to Rongione, her partner, and the Atlantic City Police Department for helping us in this rescue. 

No one knows how the cat got on the bridge in the first place. She may have been left there. But now she’s on track to a happy life, and we gave her a fitting name to show for it—Miracle.