Alley Cat Allies is condemning the planned slaughter of cats on two island locations on opposite ends of the globe – the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea and Île Amsterdam in the Indian Ocean. In both cases, governments are planning the mass killing of cats on individual islands under the false label of conservation.

“Slaughtering animals is not conservation, and there is no such thing as humanely attempting to wipe out an entire population of animals in an ecosystem,” said Coryn Julien, communications director for Alley Cat Allies. “These policies call for the massacre of cats, plain and simple. Killing one species in an effort to protect another is immoral, unethical and research shows it can have dire consequences for entire ecosystems.”

Julien explained that removal of outdoor cats is not the easy fix some may expect. While it may temporarily reduce the number of cats in a given area, it is ultimately counterproductive, because the population of cats will rebound quickly. This is known as the Vacuum Effect, and it has been documented worldwide in many species. Cats who were not trapped, and new cats from nearby areas, will simply move into the territory to take advantage of the resources that sustained the first group of cats, and breed back to the capacity of the area.

“Leading biologists, climate scientists and environmental watchdogs agree that climate change, and development, which leads to habitat destruction, are the leading causes of species loss,” Julien added. “Conservationists should be focusing on addressing these real threats, not looking to cats as a scapegoat and wasting money on cruel and ultimately futile schemes to eradicate cat populations.”

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