On Tuesday, September 10, we’re co-hosting a workshop in Seaside Heights, N.J. to educate residents about Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats living at the boardwalk.

The Seaside Heights community was particularly hard-hit when Superstorm Sandy ravaged the city almost exactly a year ago. The workshop, and four signs that will go up on the boardwalk to educate visitors about outdoor cats, are part of a new TNR program for Seaside Heights modeled along the lines of Alley Cat Allies’ highly successful Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project.

After Hurricane Sandy, emergency response teams going in to feed animals observed many outdoor cats at the Seaside Heights boardwalk and requested Alley Cat Allies to help conduct TNR. The workshop and signs are just the beginning. We hope to recruit local volunteers to help conduct TNR and we will ensure that all of the boardwalk cats go on to lead content, healthy lives in their outdoor homes.

The amazing success of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project shows just how well TNR works. In Seaside Heights, we’re partnering with a local organization, Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Group, to conduct the TNR program. We look forward to supporting Seaside Heights achieve the same success.

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