Nonprofit clinics and shelters that provide veterinary care to animals in Alabama are under attack again.

Currently, Alabama is home to four spay/neuter clinics. These clinics provide a crucial service to the community. They ensure that every resident has the ability to care for animals responsibly. They perform high-volume, high-quality surgeries at low costs. They improve the quality of animals’ lives statewide.

But the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners wants to enact a rule that could close these clinics.

This dangerous rule also threatens animal shelters’ ability to provide basic care like vaccinations and deworming treatments to protect animals against contagious diseases. With this new policy in place, many animals in shelters won’t get the adequate veterinary care they need.

Help us defend affordable, accessible spay/neuter and preventative care for animals.

Alabama Residents: Take Action!
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