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"How Old is that Kitten?"
Kitten Progression: Six Weeks Old

Continuing to socialize the kittens only gets more important as they grow. This is the age when the people caring for Darling, Denby, Corduroy, Tweed and Wembley, and the rest of their cat family begin teaching the kittens how to play, letting them know that human hands are not for biting or scratching.

Thirty Seven Days Old

No longer wobbly on their feet, the kittens have found stability using their tails to help balance.

Wembley uses her tail for balance.

Forty Days Old

The kittens are stalking, hiding and pouncing, and digging—instinctual behaviors ingrained in all cats, whether they grow up indoors or outdoors.

Tweed practices his stalking and pouncing.

Six Weeks Old

The kittens are now proficient at cleaning themselves, having learned it from birth from their mother. They are also grooming each other, reinforcing the bond between siblings. Incorporate grooming into your interactions with the kittens—especially if you have a single kitten, or you are raising a litter without the mother cat.

Tweed,Wembley and Denby at six weeks old.