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Kitten Progression: At-a-Glance

Determining a kitten’s age can be difficult. Kittens develop at their own speed based on environmental and genetic factors. Observing physical signs, such as how open their eyes are and their weight, as well as behaviors, like when kittens begin venturing from their mother or using a litter box, will help. The photos and descriptions below can help you gauge the age of kittens with an unknown birth date.

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1 day old

Eyes closed, can not stand. Ears folded.

3 days old

Eyes closed, can not stand. Ears starting to unfold.

6 days old

Eyes starting to open. Beginning to crawl.

1 week old

Eyes almost completely open.

8 days old

Becoming aware.

9 days old

Beginning to venture away from mama.

10 days old

Looking very alert. Closed eye on kitten #1 is from eye discharge.

12 days old

Mama has moved kittens. Kittens are now able to walk, although wobbly.

13 days old

14 days old

2 weeks.

15 days old

16 days old

20 days old

Using litter box.

21 days old

3 weeks.

22 days old

23 days old

You can see that kitten #3 is going to be a med-long hair, and #2 med hair.

28 days old

4 weeks.

31 days old


32 days old

35 days old

5 weeks.

37 days old

40 days old

42 days old

6 weeks.

45 days old

47 days old

50 days old

7 weeks.

54 days old

54 days old

56 days old

8 weeks.

57 days old

60 days old

62 days old

63 days old

9 weeks.

70 days old

75 days old

10 weeks.

photo credit: Jamie Nicholas