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Speak Up to Protect Cats in Brevard County, Florida!

More than a decade ago, Brevard County passed a lifesaving ordinance to create a humane Trap-Neuter-Return program for cats with the help of Alley Cat Allies and local organizations. Now that ordinance—and the lives of cats in countless coloniesis in jeopardy. Colony registration, which once afforded these cats measures of protection, has been abruptly halted by county commissioners and the future of this Trap-Neuter-Return ordinance is in danger. Here you’ll find up-to-date information on what Alley Cat Allies is doing to help the cats and caregivers in Brevard County – and the vital actions you can do to help.

STATUS UPDATE: Many people have come forward and voiced their support for TNR and the cats! However, the moratorium on registering colonies is still in place, and while the lawsuit challenging the moratorium is moving forward, the cats still need our help!

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In 1999, Alley Cat Allies and local Trap-Neuter-Return organizations helped Animal Services in Brevard County pass a pro-TNR ordinance. Since 1999, caregivers have trapped, neutered, and returned thousands of cats, which improved their lives, prevented them from being killed in the shelter, and benefitted the communities in which they lived. Colony registration by caregivers was required in order to obtain protection for the cats; caregiver and colony information was held by a local nonprofit organization dedicated to Trap-Neuter-Return until 2005, when the records became public. Eventually, the County took over responsibility for registering the colonies.

In May 2012, county commissioners placed a moratorium on new colony registrations. To make things even worse, additional restrictions are being discussed by county commissioners that would severely hamper the efforts of caregivers in Brevard County to move forward with colony registration and Trap-Neuter-Return efforts.

Alley Cat Allies is standing with local individuals and groups to urge county commissioners to roll back the moratorium on new colony registrations and to show our support for retaining the ordinance as-is, without placing any new restrictions or burdens upon caregivers. Every Brevard County voice is vital in this effort.