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Educating Others

They might know Garfield and Grumpy Cat, but even a big cat lover might not know about community cats. That’s okay: YOU can teach them all about cats of every level of socialization and inspire them to become a cat advocate like you! But even if someone isn’t a “cat person” and never will be, educating your friends, family, and neighbors about community cats will help them understand that humane programs like Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) not only improve cats’ lives, but also the community as a whole. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Whether you’re currently conducting TNR and caring for community cats, or if you just want to help get the word out, education is a key part of helping cats and your community.

We’ve got the materials and information you’ll need to learn and teach others about cats and TNR:

The Basics

    • All about Community Cats (Web page | Video | PDF | Order online) Provides a quick and easy overview of community cats.
    • How to Live with Cats in Your Neighborhood (Web page | Order online) The best resource for helping people and cats coexist, includes simple solutions to common complaints about community cats.
    • Trap-Neuter-Return for Community Cats: The Basics (Web page | Order online) A quick summary of the essential steps of TNR. This will help explain to others what you’re doing.

More about Community Cats

More about Trap-Neuter-Return

Tools You Can Use

Be sure to check out the educational and outreach items available in our online shop. It’s a convenient way to share information about community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.