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FeralStat: Not Recommended by Expert Veterinarians or by Alley Cat Allies

Position Statement| Veterinarian Awareness

FeralStat is a short-term oral contraceptive or ‘birth control’ marketed for cats by a private veterinarian in the U.S. It is only available by prescription from FeralStat, Inc.’s veterinarian.

Alley Cat Allies does not recommend using FeralStat, for several reasons:

  • No trials have been conducted into its safety and efficacy—even the FDA has not approved it for any use.*
  • The active ingredient of FeralStat (megestrol acetate) has been proven to cause harmful side effects in cats when a high dosage is given.
  • A caregiver can’t target specific cats for treatment or ensure that each cat receives the correct dosage. Administering FeralStat is problematic, since it involves mixing it into a cat’s food once per week.
  • Veterinary experts in cat health do not recommend using FeralStat on any domestic cats—pet, stray, or feral.

“Even when used at appropriate doses with careful monitoring by veterinarians, this potent drug [FeralStat] poses serious health risks, including mammary cancer and diabetes, to cats and dogs,” states Christine Wilford, DVM, veterinarian and advisor to the Feral Cat Spay Neuter Project in Washington state.

Alley Cat Allies understands the desire and acknowledges the strong interest in preventing feline pregnancies, but the health risks and dangers are too great when it comes to this product.

(*Note: Alley Cat Allies is against testing on animals, as it is against all cruelty toward animals. There are better alternatives to animal testing—including mathematical and computer modeling or using cultures from cells, organs, or tissues—that are precise and sophisticated.)