Biography| Alley Cat Allies

Christian is a Development Associate at Alley Cat Allies. As part of the Development team, he manages donations, does bookkeeping, and oversees databases.

After receiving a B.A. in Film Studies from Columbia University, he went on to have an eclectic professional life of everything from creating experimental videos and music video production to Single Payer Healthcare advocacy, nonprofit community revitalization in New Orleans, and more.  He also volunteered at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and was known as the “Cat Whisperer” during his college summer job at a Pet Center. All his disparate interests are connected by the values of compassion and care that make him a long-time animal lover.

Today, Christian brings his compassion and experience to the donor management work that empowers Alley Cat Allies to help cats around the nation. He also maintains a close relationship with his own family’s cat named Keza, which is Kinyarwanda for ‘beautiful’.